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Samiguy – “Na You” ft Dj Ernesty

About the Song: “Na You” is a heartfelt gospel song by Samiguy, featuring DJ Ernesty. It’s a joyful expression of faith and gratitude towards the divine. Samiguy’s music, known for its uplifting melodies and meaningful lyrics, resonates deeply with listeners. This track follows his string of previous hits, including “Christ the King” and “Joy Giver,” reflecting his commitment to spreading positivity through music. “Na You” celebrates the presence of God in our lives, reminding us of His love and grace.

About Samiguy: Samiguy is a gospel artist renowned for his soulful tunes and inspiring messages. With a growing fan base, he continues to impact lives through his music. Samiguy’s style is accessible yet profound, making his songs relatable to people from all walks of life.


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