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A Review of Shallipopi’s Album, Shakespopi

Shallipopi – Shakespopi

The music industry is abuzz with excitement as the rising Afrobeats sensation Shallipopi officially drops his latest project, “Shakespopi”. Inspired by the legendary literary figure Shakespeare, Shallipopi ingeniously merges their names to craft the portmanteau “Shakespopi”. Featuring nine tracks, the album showcases fresh hits from Shallipopi, along with collaborations with his signees and Keesha. With its inventive concept and diverse tracks, “Shakespopi” highlights Shallipopi’s musical prowess and adaptability, promising listeners an exhilarating and distinct listening journey.

Often, when Shallipopi lightly touches upon rap or makes appearances in media circles, some discerning musical enthusiasts may perceive him as a young Nigerian artist who occasionally grapples with grasping the extent of his luck. Indeed, he seems just as bewildered by his success as his most critical detractors are. One could argue that Shallipopi is a beneficiary of fate, as he may somewhat lack in conventional musical skill and talent. Nevertheless, the 24-year-old manages to compensate with an abundance of unbridled charisma, which adds an intriguing layer to his persona and performance.

Read on as we offer you a track-by-track review of the Shakespopi album by Shallipopi.


In the opening track, Shallipopi unfurls his cultural banner atop the spirited rhythms of Ogene drums in “ASAP,” where he skillfully samples the works of Edo state’s legendary musician, Sir Waziri Oshomah.  The track effortlessly merges the dynamic beats of Ogene-charged drumrolls with the rhythmic pulse of bass and lead guitar riffs, crafting an infectious groove that captivates the listener. Amidst this vibrant backdrop, Shallipopi maintains his trademark carefree swagger, skillfully weaving in a series of witty lines throughout the track.


The bold energy of the opening track finds new heights in Shallipopi’s witty performance on “Hightension,” where he seamlessly weaves in the iconic Italian revolutionary anthem “Bella Ciao” against the backdrop of Afrobents/Amapiano mix, elevating the listening experience to captivating new levels. In the Producer X-charged track “High Tension,” you will aptly hear a subtle rendition of the Italian folk tune “Bella Ciao,” famously heard in the Netflix series “La Casa De Papel”. Remarkably, Shallipopi infuses his own unique twist into the chorus, delivering it with a blend of half-hearted excitement and drowsiness as the song delves into Shallipopi’s roots in Benin City.


Although Shallipopi’s commitment to enlightening his audience is evident, “100” might be considered somewhat basic. The song highlights his streetwise persona and loyalty to his inner circle. However, his delivery lacks depth, resembling that of a novice rapper trying to articulate his thoughts in an unconvincing way – the song still has a bounce to it though.


Critics have noted Shallipopi’s less-than-stellar attempt at singing on ‘Dey,’ where his vocals clash with the backup vocals. Despite the exceptional mid-tempo instrumentation, the track suffers from basic songwriting. Shallipopi offers another glimpse into his life before fame, contrasting it with his current affluence and success, marked by extravagant cars, pool parties, and indulgences. While his delivery in the second verse raises questions, the overall carefree vibe and lively background vocals somewhat salvage the track, making it tolerable.

Billion ft. Reehaa, Zerrydl, Tega boi dc & Jeneral

The album’s first collaboration emerges in the fifth track, “Billion”, delivering a fantastic harmony that captivates listeners. This beautiful euphony showcases the talents of the featured artists, with Shallipopi alongside Zerrydyl, Reesha, Tega Boi DC, and Jeneral. However, Shallipopi’s verse in “Billion” falls short with some silly rhymes leaving much to be desired. Despite this, the guest verses shine brightly, elevating the track. It’s striking how Shallipopi, on his own record, finds himself somewhat overshadowed by the performances of his collaborators, echoing the overarching narrative of the album.

Find Me

Remarkably, Shallipopi tries to celebrate his newfound success on ‘Find Me’, though his sing-rapping style is lazy and repetitive, the song theme is quite beautiful to listen to. On this track, “Find Me”, Shallipopi introspects on his newfound fame and lifestyle, shedding light on his current status and the elite circles he now moves in, thanks to his influence and affluence. Producer X’s mid-tempo composition adds to the allure, proving to be an instant eargasm, despite Shallipopi’s vocals not being the most polished.

New Cat

In “New Cat”, Shallipopi boldly introduces himself as a rising star on the horizon, delivering his verses with a laid-back yet confident flow that harmonizes with the saxophone accompaniment. The track’s title is a playful reference to Davido’s observations about the surge of young, talented musicians propelling Afrobeats onto the global stage. Shallipopi asserts his position among his contemporaries with self-assurance. While such a declaration might seem ambitious for an artist in his early career, Shallipopi’s swift rise suggests that his confidence may be well-founded.

Start Am

Interestingly, Shallipopi showcases a swaggering style on “Start Am,” leaning heavily on the lively Amapiano log drum to obscure what can only be described as a lackluster delivery and rhyming. Despite this, the rising star capitalizes on the Amapiano sound that has garnered him success, providing listeners with something familiar yet engaging. Produced by Larrylanes, “Start Am” invites comparisons to the potential vocal prowess of artists like Asake, especially considering the Afro-Piano-driven nature of the track.


On the closing track, “Trees,” Shallipopi endeavors to delve into lyrical depth but unfortunately presents a subpar output. While advising a love interest against playing games and expressing his dedication to accumulating wealth, Shallipopi’s delivery fails to meet expectations. However, it’s important not to harbor any significant expectations for the artist, as he consistently maintains a nonchalant, carefree attitude towards his artistry.

Concluding Remarks

Shallipopi’s latest album, “Shakespopi,” continues the thematic exploration introduced in his debut EP, “Planet Pluto,” and album, “Presido La Pluto,” both released just last year. During the release of those projects, there were ongoing conversations about the perceived decline of Street-Hop music or Afrobeats as a whole, spurred in part by Burna Boy’s critique that the genre “lacks substance.” While Shallipopi’s earlier works garnered a solid following, they also faced scrutiny for their simplistic lyricism paired with captivating production. As the music industry navigated through the first quarter of 2024, these discussions lingered, with new singles, EPs, and albums falling short of expectations. Against this backdrop, “Shakespopi” enters the scene, sparking fresh debates not only about the direction of mainstream music but also about Shallipopi’s unique and artistic approach to the music.

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