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7 Afrobeats Tracks Lighting Up Your Playlist This Week

Welcome to the greatest Afrobeats playground! Take a deep dive into the lively beats and captivating melodies of the top songs that are currently dominating your playlist this week. These ten Afrobeats masterpieces, which feature soulful voices and throbbing beats, are sure to take you to a world of musical bliss.

Prepare to groove and explore the captivating sounds currently influencing the Afrobeats industry. There is something for everyone to enjoy here, regardless of how familiar you are with the genre. With that said, let the music take over! Read on as we take you through the 10 Afrobeats songs that will light up your playlist this week!

Tony Montana – Young Jonn

The first track on our weekly playlist this week is “Tony Montana” by Young Jonn as we highlight the 10 tracks to add to your playlist. Firstly, its pulsating rhythm and infectious melody serve as an irresistible invitation to the dance floor, setting the tone for an unforgettable musical journey. Young Jonn’s masterful production seamlessly blends traditional Afrobeat elements with contemporary flair, resulting in a sound that feels both timeless and cutting-edge.

Notably, “Tony Montana” is the lead single off his much-awaited 14-track album “Jiggy Forever,” which exemplifies Young Jonn’s extraordinary skill and adaptability as an artist. This song is going to connect with listeners worldwide because of its catchy beat and wonderful lyrics. What truly sets “Tony Montana” apart is its ability to captivate listeners with its vibrant energy and undeniable charisma. From the moment the beat drops, it’s impossible not to be swept away by the track’s magnetic pull. Young Jonn’s confident delivery and playful lyrics paint a vivid picture of a larger-than-life character, infusing the song with personality and charm.

Moreover, “Tony Montana” benefits from its universal appeal, transcending cultural boundaries to resonate with audiences around the globe. Whether you’re vibing at a party, cruising in your car, or simply looking to elevate your mood, this track delivers the perfect soundtrack for any occasion. It’s no wonder that this track has quickly become a favorite among fans and critics alike, solidifying its status as a must-have addition to any playlist.

Hmmm – Chris Brown ft. Davido


Five months after releasing the normal version of his album, Chris Brown, an American singer and songwriter, recently published his “11:11” deluxe edition. On the song “Hmmm,” which is the eighth collaboration between him and Nigerian superstar Davido. This collaboration between two global icons brings together the best of both worlds, blending Chris Brown’s signature style with Davido’s infectious Afrobeat vibes. The result is a track that effortlessly bridges the gap between international pop and African music, appealing to a diverse range of listeners.

The infectious rhythm and catchy melody of “Hmmm” immediately grab your attention, drawing you into its irresistible groove from the very first note. Chris Brown’s smooth vocals complement Davido’s distinctive delivery, creating a dynamic interplay that keeps you hooked from start to finish. Together, they bring a level of energy and charisma to the track that is simply impossible to ignore.

Moreover, “Hmmm” boasts production that is both polished and innovative, with lush instrumentation and seamless transitions that elevate the listening experience. Whether you’re dancing in the club or chilling at home, this track has the power to transport you to a state of pure musical bliss. In essence, “Hmmm” embodies the spirit of collaboration and creativity that defines the Afrobeats genre. It’s a testament to the global appeal of African music and the ability of artists like Chris Brown and Davido to push boundaries and break new ground. With its irresistible charm and undeniable swagger, “Hmmm” is sure to be a mainstay on playlists around the world for weeks to come.

Hightension – Shallipopi

First of all, the song sets the tone for an exciting musical experience with its throbbing rhythm and upbeat attitude that instantly captures the listener’s attention. Because of Shallipopi‘s captivating persona and energetic delivery, “Hightension” stands out among other Afrobeats songs. “Hightension” is genuinely unique due to its contagious intensity and captivating groove. Unavoidably, the track’s indisputable beauty draws you in from the moment the beat drops. Fans of the genre and newbies alike will enjoy Shallipopi’s sound because of its skillful blending of Afrobeat components with contemporary production techniques.

The captivating track “Hightension” emerges as the latest offering from the exceptionally talented Nigerian singer-songwriter Shallipopi, showcasing his prowess as the featured artist on Plutomania Record. Drawing listeners into its magnetic embrace, “Hightension” serves as a tantalizing preview of Shallipopi’s highly anticipated album, “Shakespopi Album.” This suspenseful track, brimming with energy and anticipation, offers a glimpse into the sonic journey awaiting listeners within the album’s depths. With nine remarkable hit songs, “Shakespopi Album” promises an exhilarating musical experience, poised to captivate fans and listeners alike. Shallipopi’s unique blend of artistry and innovation shines through in each track, ensuring an unforgettable ride through his musical landscape.

POE – Ruger x BNXN

Emerging as a rising star from the vibrant Nigerian music scene, Ruger, a singer-songwriter and performer of incredible talent, has recently unveiled his latest musical masterpiece titled “POE” where he collaborated with BNXN. This captivating track, released in the year 2024, is a true gem that demands a prime position on your playlist. “POE” seamlessly blends elements of Afrobeat, showcasing Ruger’s versatility as an artist. With his knack for crafting catchy tunes paired with sharp lyrical wit, Ruger delivers a song that is both irresistible and thought-provoking.

The collaboration with BNXN adds another layer of brilliance to “POE”, with BNXN’s stellar vocals complementing Ruger’s melodic flow to perfection. The chemistry between these two artists is palpable, paving the way for future collaborations that fans eagerly anticipate. In “POE”, Ruger proves once again why he’s one to watch in the music industry, captivating audiences with his dynamic sound and undeniable talent. Get ready to groove to the infectious rhythms and captivating lyrics of “POE” as it takes the music scene by storm.

Big Big Things – Young Jonn ft Kizz Daniel & Seyi Vibez

Nigerian music superstar, Young Jonn, teams up with Afrobeats sensations Kizz Daniel and Seyi Vibez to unleash “Big Big Things,” a powerhouse collaboration poised to become the anthem for dreamers and achievers everywhere.

From the outset, “Big Big Things” wastes no time in setting its celebratory tone. Infectious beats and empowering lyrics form a tapestry of ambition and the relentless pursuit of success. Young Jonn’s masterful production lays the groundwork, providing the perfect backdrop for Kizz Daniel and Seyi Vibez to showcase their distinct styles as they trade verses with finesse.

Now there is an accompanying music video released along with his new album, “Young Forever”, promising to amplify the song’s message of chasing monumental dreams and embracing life’s grandeur to the fullest. “Big Big Things” is destined to be a chart-topping hit, catering to fans of Afrobeats, dance music, and motivational anthems alike. Don’t miss out—stream it now on all major platforms and prepare to embark on your own journey towards achieving greatness.

Showa – Kizz Daniel

Renowned Nigerian music prodigy and prolific songwriter, Kizz Daniel, once again leaves an indelible mark on listeners with his exhilarating track, “Showa.” Known for his unparalleled talent and ability to craft infectious tunes, Kizz Daniel delivers a sonic masterpiece that effortlessly captivates audiences. “Showa” showcases Kizz Daniel’s exceptional artistry as he skillfully blends mesmerizing melodies with heartfelt lyrics, creating a musical experience that resonates on a profound level.

With each note and every lyric, Kizz Daniel effortlessly transports listeners on a journey of emotions, immersing them in a world of rhythm and harmony. As the beats pulsate and Kizz Daniel’s soulful vocals soar, “Showa” becomes more than just a song – it’s a testament to Kizz Daniel’s enduring creativity and his ability to connect with his audience on a deeply personal level. With its infectious energy and undeniable charm, “Showa” solidifies Kizz Daniel’s status as a true maestro of Nigerian music, leaving an everlasting impression on all who listen.

From the moment “Showa” begins, its energetic rhythm and catchy hook grab the listener’s attention, making it impossible to resist dancing along. Kizz Daniel’s emotive vocals and heartfelt lyrics add depth and emotion to the song, creating an immersive musical experience that resonates with fans of all ages. Moreover, “Showa” benefits from Kizz Daniel’s widespread appeal and popularity within the Afrobeats genre, ensuring that it receives ample attention and acclaim from listeners and critics alike. Its inclusion in the list of top Afrobeats tracks of the week is a testament to its impact and influence on the music scene.

ASAP – Shallipopi

Heralded as one of Nigeria’s fast-rising musical talents, Shallipopi returns with another captivating offering, “ASAP,” under the esteemed banner of Plutomania Records. Renowned for his distinctive style and lyrical prowess, Shallipopi effortlessly weaves a tapestry of sound that captivates listeners from the first note. “ASAP” is a testament to Shallipopi’s versatility and innovation as an artist. With its infectious beat and infectious melody, the song promises to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. Shallipopi’s emotive vocals breathe life into the lyrics, delivering a powerful message that resonates with listeners on a deep level.

As the featured artist on Plutomania Records, Shallipopi continues to push the boundaries of creativity and experimentation in Nigerian music. With “ASAP,” he solidifies his position as a trailblazer in the industry, offering fans a glimpse into the future of Afrobeat music. In essence, “ASAP” is more than just a song—it’s a statement of artistic excellence and a testament to Shallipopi’s unwavering commitment to his craft. With its infectious energy and undeniable charm, “ASAP” is sure to leave an indelible mark on the Nigerian music scene and beyond.

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