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Who is Celebrity Farmer

Who is Celebrity Farmer

Sensational Nigerian singer and songwriter, Chukwunwike Sylvester Udemezue popularly known as Celebrity Farmer is best known for his hip-hop classic vibes & good lyrics in the Nigerian music industry.

Celebrity Farmer started his music career professionally in 2020 and also unveiled his record label “Farmers Record” which mainly aims at nurturing fast-rising artists to stardom.
His selfless contribution to the growth of young talents around him can’t be overlooked without appreciation and recognition.

Celebrity Farmer released his debut single, Bigman Now in 2023. The song gained the attention of music lovers nationwide.

Early Life:
Celebrity Farmer is from Aturia village, Omor Town, Ayamelum Local Government, Anambra state.
He was born into the family of High Chief & Mrs Nweke Udemezue.

Celebrity Farmer attended Central Primary School Ifitedunu, Coal Camp Secondary school Ogbete Enugu and presently studying Mass Communication at IAEC University (African Institute Of Science Administration and Commercial Studies) at Togo. Celebrity Farmer is a renowned farmer in Anambra State with acres of farmland to his name.

Date of birth: September 22, 1996
Current City: Onitsha
State of Origin: Anambra state
Country: Nigeria
Marital Status: Married
Nationality: Nigerian
Music Genre: Hiphop
Skills: Farming & music
Interests and Hobbies: Music, Soccer and Performing on stage
Religion: Christian
Affiliations: Farmers Record
Race: Black African
Role Models: 2pac, Shakur, Burna Boy, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross

Social Media: 

Celebrity Farmer’s decision to build a career in the music industry did not just happen. While growing up his parents noticed his love for music and how he quickly gets the lyrics and mime perfectly to them. Fast-forward to his teenage age, he joined his church choir and started building vocal strength.

Celebrity Farmer released his debut single, Bigman Now in 2023 with a follow up song Justice for Mohbad featuring Ospido. Celebrity Farmer is presently working on his new project titled “BETTER DAYS AHEAD EP” which is slated to drop soonest.

In a press interview with the CEO of Usa4records Media, Celebrity Farmer disclosed his hidden desires to be a music activist and a supporter of the masses with his voice.
In his clear words, he said “Music shouldn’t only be an expression of happiness and entertainment but should also be a medium to express the thoughts of the common man. We are the mouthpiece of the nation so in our little way we should speak and advocate for good governance”.

When asked why he finally decided to go into the music business professionally, he said “I do music because I love music and I always do my best in whatever I love. To me music is the easiest way to tell the world stories about my life, my feelings and the realities around me”.

Celebrity Farmer is a seasoned farmer with years of experience. Now you know how he came about his stage name. He grows rice, yam and cassava on large acres of land. Celebrity Farmer is truly an example to every Nigerian youth.

When asked why he chose to farm, he said “I chose to farm because my father is a great farmer and I was born in our farmland not in the hospital. I grew up on a farm so I decided that when I grow up I will become a very big farmer to contribute to society.

The need to grow organic products for my people became a priority. The food industry is filled with genetically modified food that harms the human body so I only grow food that will help improve health and not destroy it for my selfish gains”.

Celebrity Farmer’s net worth is $250,000

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