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“Crafting Vibes”: Grammy-Winner Al Walser and the Essence of ‘When They Go Low'”

Grammy Award-Winning Artist Al Walser releases a captivating and very personal New Music Video “When They Go Low” Showcasing his African roots

Al Walser, who by the way, just like US artist Drake or President Obama, has a black father and a white mother, is set to unveil his latest musical masterpiece, “When They Go Low.” Known for his long-standing contributions to the world of music, Al Walser’s new song ventures into the vibrant realm of Afropop, presenting a fresh and dynamic universal perspective with “When They Go Low”.

Walser’s commitment to artistic evolution is evident in this release, promising audiences a soulful immersive experience with infectious rhythms, thought-provoking lyrics, and a compelling visual narrative.

Al Walser photo as a kid (Image credit: Al Walser Instagram)

Walser not only performs but also takes on the roles of songwriter and producer of the song, showcasing his true-blooded dedication to the art of music. The accompanying music video is a visual testament to Walser’s creative prowess and his electrifying presence that the world has known to love him for, also due to his worldwide popular, 2-time winning US Telly Awards TV Christmas Special, that was launched in the US on PBS.

Showcasing the artist’s commitment to artistic evolution, this new release promises to captivate audiences with its infectious rhythm, thought-provoking lyrics, and compelling visual narrative.

Al Walser’s journey serves as a testament to his dedication to pushing artistic boundaries. He not only pays homage to his African heritage but also further contributes to the global universal appeal of Afropop with his soulful approach.

The vibrant tapestry of colours in the music video complements the infectious beat and African soulfulness of the track, creating a sensory experience that resonates with audiences on a profound level. Be sure to check it out and spread it with a friend.

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You can watch the video of “When They Go Low” below:- 


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