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Dorathy Akpan (Face of Valentine 2017) speaks about her proposed Projects.

Dorathy Akpan who is currently “Face of Valentine 2017” speaks about few projects she will be executing during her 1 year tenure in office.
This is the first time Dorathy Akpan is on a media chat; while on an interview with the press, she shared her experiences the challenges she faced while in the camp, Envy, Jealousy, meeting up with her rehearsal as well as coping with the stress to be the winner.

According to her manager, Queen Etoro Bernard the interview was scheduled and aimed at informing the public of the projects to be implemented by Dorathy Akpan (Face of Valentine 2017).

Dorathy Akpan having contested for Face of Valentine 2016 and couldn’t win still believed it is better to try than not to try at all and that’s why she tried again now here she is, a brand new queen.

Dorathy Akpan is the first Queen to be emerged from her Community Essien Udim Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom State.
When she was asked what her office has to offer or the 1 year tenure, she added “the Office of Face of Valentine 2017 is currently embarking upon a Skill Acquisition Programme in all the Secondary schools across the state focused on the development of the girl-child and how they will be better Akwaibomites as they become their own Boss in the different Acquisition Programmes”.   

She also added that she intend to partner with Banks, Churches, Schools, Companies, the Government and Cooperate Bodies for the actualization of her dream in impacting her community and making life meaningful to the Girl-Child.

She finally added that during her 1year tenure in Office, she believes God will pass through her to give hope to the hopeless and reach out to the downtrodden as well as making the girl child to believe in herself.

In her words: “I don’t just want to be a Queen with Pride, but a Queen that other queen will emulate, a role model for upcoming models that are yearning to be Queens”.

“I also want to be the best I can ever be during my one year tenure in office and beyond so I can raise Queens that will say No to Prostitution, No to Lesbianism and Yes to Girl-Child Education”
She confirms that she sees a bigger Face of Valentine 2018 and she hopes the queen she will hand-over the Crown to will be up and running as she works with her in her Government.

“My advice to girls out there is that you can only be what you all want to be if you go for it, and you can’t for it if you are not passionate about it. Don’t lose focus by listening to what friends will tell you, keep on moving higher, keep on pushing harder and no matter how many times you’ve failed. Lastly, always be yourself”. She added.

Dorathy Akpan is also embarking on printing of 5,000 copies of stickers to be circulated across the state as part of her campaign to promote Girl-Child education.

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